Tax Preparation


Tax Preparation

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Tax season can be the best part of the year, or the biggest nightmare. Make sure you not only file your taxes correctly with 1040 Tax Center Inc., but that you also get the most money returned to you with our one-of-a-kind tax preparation services.

If you hire us to help you with tax preparation, one of our professional accountants will sit with you and take you step by step through all the paperwork, making sure you follow all the tax laws while claiming everything and working your way through legal loopholes.

We also help with business tax preparation, with S corporate tax and LLC partnership returns along with services for trusts, estates, and small businesses. We will offer advice and help you organize your financials correctly so every year goes smoothly at tax time.

Our two main tax prep services include:

• Individual Tax Preparation:1040 Tax Center Inc. can help you prepare and file your federal tax returns with quick and simple E-file, so you receive your return in about 10 days. With our team of consultants filing your taxes will be easy. Our accountants are knowledgeable, experienced, and offer you tax advice in order to take every legal deduction you deserve.

• Corporation Tax Preparation: Our accountants will help corporations file all the necessary paperwork, from all Form 1120 S corporation tax returns to Form 1120 C corporation taxes and Form 1065 LLC and partnership taxes. We also help with self-employed businesses. Our tax accountants will make sure each client deducts every tax break available and take advantage of all the income tax credits and legal loopholes to get you the maximum return.

If you hire us as your tax preparation consultants we will teach you to save thousands of dollars on your taxes in the future and get you on the right track to saving yourself and your business some serious cash.

See what the accountants and tax experts at 1040 Tax Center Inc. in Coral Springs, FL can do for you today!